Meadowbrook Inventions, Inc. is the world’s premier precision-cutter of specialty film, foil and paper. High volume capacity, premium quality raw materials, segregated production areas, documented quality control procedure and sincere customer concern all contribute to a corporate culture that values quality, productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction. As a bulk glitter manufacturer, glitter supplier, and glitter distributor based in the USA, Meadowbrook is the world’s premiere glitter company for countless industries and applications.

Meadowbrook’s line of popular eye-catching products is available in many standard sizes and includes:

Polyester Jewels Glitter: The industry benchmark for sparkling metallic-colored special effect particles.

Angelina Fibers: Fine denier, luminescent, sparkling, and ultrasoft for yarn spinning and crafts.

Crystalina Glitter: Premium iridescent Glitter uniquely constructed from multiple layers of micro-thin polymers, separating white light and creating a rainbow of reflections that shift with the viewing angle.

Alpha Jewels Glitter: Prismatic holographic Glitter created from metalized, embossed, polyester that reflects a rainbow of colors.

Cosmetic Jewels Glitter: Metallic Glitters created with FD&C colorants.

Micronic Jewels Glitter: Ultra-thin gauge polyester Glitter available in the finest particle sizes.

Metallic Jewels Glitter: Silver Aluminum particles with outstanding heat resistance for use in thermoplastics.

In addition to glitter manufacturing and exporting, Meadowbrook is also the industry leader in production of visual cues, geometric micro particles and security taggants for your proprietary projects. Please contact us now at 908-766-0606 or